Telephone consultation +370 654 28028


Delivery times to other countries depend on the destination.

The order will be delivered to the warehouse in Vilnius approximately within 5-15 days after payment confirmation. Delivery to your specified address is estimated additionally depending on delivery location with DHL or DHL Express (3-20 w.d.). When your order has arrived at the warehouse in Vilnius, you will be notified by phone or SMS. If you have any questions, please contact consultants at +370 647 09951.

If you live in cities other than the above, you can choose the day of delivery only. The courier will call you before delivery to specify the time and place of delivery. If you do not receive a call or the courier does not arrive in time, please contact us at +370 647 09951. 


Delivery of heavy goods:

Please note that you will have to arrange for carrying of goods weighing more than 30 kg from the courier vehicle to your home or office.

Lifting goods – extra service that can be ordered by London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol, and Manchester residents. There are two couriers available to carry heavy goods (for example, hood or roofrack/trunk) from the car to your home or office. Service price - £18. Service is available until 16:00. 

Pick up:

Provide a personal identification document (driver's license or passport) upon delivery by the courier. If the item is picked up by another person, please specify his name to our consultants at the moment of ordering.

Sign only after having checked that the consignment does not have any visible damage or other defects.

Retain the invoice - it will be needed for the after-sales service. 

If you are not able to pick up the item at a scheduled time, please inform our consultants by phone +370 647 09951 and we will change the delivery time.